About Encodify

Our global clients trust us with digitising and optimising their workflows. They appreciate what we do for them and how we do it because we secure a smoother and future-compliant digital transition.

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About Encodify

Encodify is a global SaaS technology service and a market leader in the Marketing Work Management.

In 2001, we pioneered the MarTech industry by devising the MWM category. Based on our no-code technology, we have since built industry-leading best-practice MWM solutions, allowing all stakeholders in the marketing value chain to collaborate efficiently. Today we are setting new standards by converging DAM/PIM (Content Hub), workflow, proofing, and project management tools to help clients innovate and optimise their work.

Encodify was founded and is headquartered in Odense, Denmark. As of today, we have over 60 people based in Madrid, London, Copenhagen and Ukraine. Our clients include some of Europe’s most well-known brands, including El Corte Ingles, Jysk, and Netto as well as agencies Tag Group and Hogarth. In 2020, Viking Venture (Norwegian) invested in Encodify to expand and develop business across Europe.

We believe in diversity

We come from all sorts of backgrounds. We are a diverse group - and we see it as a strength.

We believe in success

We succeed when our clients succeed. So we go out of our way to help our clients achieve success.

We believe in our value proposition

For 20+ years we have kept existing clients - and added new ones every year. We believe in our value proposition.

Our very brief history

Yes, we are experienced

Encodify was founded in 2001 by 8 entrepreneurial spirits, who installed the first version of the Encodify software in New York for Young & Rubicam.

By 2005, a development team had been set up in Ukraine, and the first solution was delivered to JYSK. The business relationship is still going strong.

In 2018, Spanish retail giant El Corte Inglés became a client, and as 2021 arrived, the Norwegian Equity Fund Viking Venture became the majority shareholder.

The number of Encodify users had now surpassed 60.000.

Why Encodify

Because we build lasting business relationships

We invest and innovate
The digital tranformation is like a wave. It keeps coming back. And that is why we need to be adaptable. So far we have succeeded, and our business relationships are a testament to this.
Our clients trust in us to help them reduce their time to market - at all times. We trust in each other to deliver a future-proof solution - at all times. We are skilled and enthusiastic.

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Why Encodify

Because we are team players

Collaboration is our key to success
We’re a team of 60+ people based in Madrid, London, Copenhagen and Ukraine. And we are a team made up of 16 different nationalities.

We are specialists within our field, and that is how we make a difference for our clients. But first and last we are collaborators.

We know from experience that a team effort seals the victory. 

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Why Encodify

Because we make a real difference

Make life better - and more productive
We secure a smoother and a future compliant digital transition. Businesses will save time, money, and lower the friction between organisational silos.

So we help mid to large-sized companies improving their workflow and their time to market. We combine a software platform with limitless integration, and we can document results that matter.

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