Email Connector

Ensure your briefs don't get lost in your mailbox


How to use it?

    A connected service that allows you to sync incoming emails sent to a dedicated address to create an item within your Encodify Platform.
    This is the perfect add-on to support work management but is fully flexible to support similar use-cases.

  • Compose your email in your preferred email client sending it to the dedicated email address
  • Receive an automated email response to let you know that it has been received successfully
  • Reply to your customers via item comments triggering an automated response to the original sender
  • Receive updates to the item based on any further emails from the customer
Encodify Slack


  • A licence to Email Connected Service (Encodify Inbox)
  • A dedicated email address
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Get Instant Answers to Common Queries

    Who has ownership of the email account

    Encodify will not take ownership of the email account and should be managed and maintained by the customer.

    How many email accounts can I connect?

    We support the ability to create as many connected services as required. If each customer needs a dedicated email account - no problem

    What protocols does Encodify Inbox support?

     We support synchronisation from the following protocols:

    • POP3
    • POP3S
    • IMAP
    • IMAPS

    Do you recommend a particular protocol

    We will always recommend POP3S or IMAPS because they are the most secure for synchronisation.

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