Carestream dental: It's like it was made just for us!

Bespoke system tailored for your workflow: it's like it was made just for us!

Dental Suite

The company

Headquartered in Atlanta, United States, Carestream Dental is a leader in dental imaging solutions and practice management software for dentists worldwide. From its corporate offices in Atlanta, the company helps dentists in more than 120 countries optimise their performance and workflow. This technology helps doctors make a more confident diagnosis, perform well-planned procedures, provide better patient communication, and offer faster treatments.

Precision for every decision

Carestream Dental became a freestanding dental technology company focused solely on digital solutions on Sept. 1, 2017. With customers worldwide and 2 billion images captured annually, the creative team at Carestream Dental is heavily dependent on solutions that assist in digitising the workflow.


As a 100% configurable marketing work management platform, Encodify plays an important role in the day-to-day work of managers and the creative team by automating the workflow management, precisely orchestrating the involvement of all stakeholders within the value chain, and managing all the marketing content needed for agile marketing processes. It creates efficiencies in project management, allowing the entire team to be more effective and focus on value-adding activities.

  • Better tracking

  • Easier to assign jobs

  • Better communication of project needs to the creative team

  • Bespoke dashboards

  • One distribution hub only

  • Version control

  • Better planning

  • Ongoing optimisation of the workflow

  • Improved organisational alignment, transparency, and accountability

Challenges and Goals

While being a part of Carestream Health, the creative team worked with Encodify’s platform through the creative agency that Carestream Health had collaborated with for years. Back in 2017, when Carestream Health was divided and Carestream Dental was born, the creative team would no longer have access to the platform - unless they chose to establish a direct partnership with Encodify. The team was very satisfied with the platform and the working relationship with Encodify. But when you are suddenly off to a new start, the call to review your tech stack seems palpable.

Measured against Competitors

It was through the creative agency that Heather Tuggle, Global Director of Brand and Communications at Carestream Dental, had become used to the seamless workflows that Encodify would provide for the marketing and communications team. Faced with different company set- up, she checked out numerous other project management systems that creative agencies were using in the US to see if there was a need for change.

"We thought we needed to split with our project management system. We checked out other project management systems. And we found that what we had all along was exactly what we needed. And you end up asking yourself why we would switch to anything else. This is perfect"

Heather Tuggle,
Global Director of Brand and Communication at Carestream Dental

The scale of content creation

Carestream Dental’s team comprises up to 25 users - marketing managers, copywriters, social media managers, graphic designers, and website content managers - who handle 2000 creative tasks, or jobs, annually. Besides the practical side of working with a project management tool that is 100% digital, these days, there is another aspect worth considering the volumes. You need to produce massive volumes of content when working on a global level. That is why you need the proper technological setup.

"I mean, we are really adapting to this digital world, and a big push for us is a lot more content. Having the right tech stack is really important when you look at how much content we are producing,” says Heather Tuggle and continues: “It’s so important these days to have access to different technologies, to be able to find things when you need them, to have that audit history. It’s very important."

Heather Tuggle,
Global Director of Brand and Communication at Carestream Dental

The customised dashboards

One of the benefits of working with a system like Encodify is the customised dashboards that the creative team will access every morning. Everyone can see at a glance what they need to work on
and how to complete it. Previously, Heather would have emailed jobs for each one involved in the process, and there would be spreadsheets, and tracking would require many more working hours than is the case now.

"It’s like a bespoke system that was created for how we work. That is the great thing about Encodify. Many other project management systems don’t work that way - you adapt to their system. So it’s like we are constantly optimising the process with someone at Encodify to make it seamless. And that is something I value in our relationship."

Heather Tuggle,
Global Director of Brand and Communication at Carestream Dental

The solution

Encodify has made it easier to assign jobs and manage projects from creation to completion. And because Carestream Dental operates in a regulated industry, having version control built into the system helps with this.

"Since I manage the creative team, I rely a lot on Encodify because my team lives by Encodify. Everything is in Encodify that sets their schedule for the day. So that’s how they plan out and manage what to get done. It’s an integral part of the department."

Heather Tuggle,
Global Director of Brand and Communication at Carestream Dental